Security and the System Development Lifecycle (SDLC): Security is the first step

By: Tim Smith

Embracing the rapid pace of technology has provided government agencies with the opportunity to develop new products, services, models and enhance their digital experience. But in a world with greater dependence for always-on, always-connected systems, the risk of cyber threats increases as our customers embrace the digital world.

Intellectual property and assets are now accessible online and are vulnerable to attack; cyber criminals have new opportunities for financial theft, intellectual property theft, fraud and disruption of customer channels. And as the cost of entry into cybercrime goes down, as technology costs decrease, the number of attacks will only increase.

With this in mind, OnPoint is advising our customers to embrace an approach of identifying security requirements early in the application development process, for both their major and minor systems, and incorporating them throughout the system development lifecycle (SDLC).

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