Marine Corps Command and Control Concept of Operations

The Challenge

Traditionally, Command and Control (C2) systems were defined to resolve discrete issues in specific environments; each battlespace was unique and required a tailored product to maximize results. Joint Vision 2020 described an environment in which C2 systems needed to support a planning process that was fully collaborative and highly iterative, rather than deliberate and linear. The Marine Corps needed to define a capstone concept that would enable existing systems to align with new capabilities required to make this fundamental shift.

Our Approach

Serving the Department of Defense since 1996, our team has an in-depth understanding of the vast challenges faced by the military. The Department of Defense is faced with the challenge of creating efficiencies and streamlining processes, while enhancing Joint Capabilities. This understanding uniquely positioned OnPoint to facilitate and enable the Marine Corps to realize its vision for command and control. Our team brought together key decision makers from various functional areas and organizations for a series of three 5-day collaborative workshops, designed to focus on one of the three most common operational scenarios in which Marines are deployed. The purpose was to define a new approach to C2 that retained the flexibility required to operate in different environments while incorporating the tenets of common understanding and relationships needed to operate in a dynamic Joint environment.


A comprehensive C2 Concept of Operations document was developed, approved, and signed by the Marine Corps to link the intended vision for command and control solutions with a clear strategy to guide the development of systems into the foreseeable future. The collaborative approach to develop this command and control strategy promoted communication between the Marine Corps’ future-focused strategists and the tactically-oriented operating forces. OnPoint continues to proudly provide command and control support to the Marine Corps, defining strategies to support today’s fight and tomorrow’s vision.