February 1, 2019

Innovation Areas

Google Cloud Platform:

With a mutual emphasis on security, OnPoint is excited about delivering a wide range of Google Cloud-based offerings, including cloud computing, analytics and industry-leading machine learning to unlock actionable insights. These are secured by a trusted infrastructure built from the ground up to power Google’s well-known, secure, reliable services to billions of global users daily.

The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is the launch point for the most advanced, globally connected commercial cloud services in the world. This is made possible by Google’s unique global data processing architecture. Many regions are interconnected by their global, privately owned and operated fiber optic data network. OnPoint, and our partner Google, brings government the means to ensure information confidentiality, integrity, and availability that is built into the infrastructure in ways not seen in standard computing by other PAAS competitors.

OnPoint has chosen to partner with Google because they do not rely on traditional security models which are highly dependent on protection at the perimeter. We have taken an innovative approach to security, which includes Google’s Zero Trust framework. Every layer of the GCP infrastructure is engineered to ensure information is protected and access is repeatedly authenticated. GCP meets Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program’s (FedRAMP) Moderate, as well as Impact Level 2 (IL2) security requirements.

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OnPoint is teaming with commercial partners to develop proven blockchain solutions for the Federal Government, but with a much-needed emphasis on cybersecurity and classified work – OnPoint’s areas of expertise.

What is blockchain? Blockchain is a digital record of events that is shared among many different parties. It facilitates the direct, instantaneous and digital transfer of value (in many cases, funds). It is immutable, so once data is written to a blockchain, it is impossible to change without leaving an audit trail. It cannot be tampered with or erased, and because all parties involved view, sign, and store the same digital record, data mismatches and reconciliations are eliminated.

Some benefits of a blockchain-based system:

  • Real-time visibility (no need to reconcile data), data mining capabilities to drive better business decisions, and API integration with existing systems to allow for a smooth transition.
  • Advanced cryptography and zero knowledge proofs, ensuring granular privacy and permissioning, while supporting high scalability

To see how blockchain is modernizing government, see the good work our colleagues at Sapient Consulting Public Sector are delivering to drive innovation in the federal government based on business value.

Cloud Migration:

OnPoint has over 20 years of supporting the Federal Government providing operations and maintenance for on-premise data centers. To keep up with the Federal Government’s Cloud Smart strategy, OnPoint provides our customers with the advice, guidance, and tools necessary to move their applications to the cloud.

OnPoint believes that the adoption of commercial cloud in government will dramatically advance mission effectiveness, innovation, and lower IT costs. OnPoint understands the challenges with the current legacy infrastructure at many government agencies, and the importance of extending cloud infrastructure with speed, scale, agility, resilience and security in multiple environments. With this in mind, OnPoint has partnered with Google, who has built their foundation based on the open source community and can deliver and support a flexible hybrid cloud environment to meet government’s critical mission needs. With services to help agencies migrate quickly and securely, OnPoint and Google’s cloud solutions can be easily adaptable for multi-cloud or hybrid environments.

Whether it’s as simple as cloud storage for disaster recovery backups, or as complicated as redeveloping your applications in a Kubernetes-managed container based CI/CD architecture, OnPoint can help get you there.

For more information on how OnPoint can support your agency’s cloud and emerging technology needs, contact us at innovation@onpointcorp.com.