Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)

Goal: Provide the warfighter with uninterrupted communications support while balancing cost to the taxpayer.

Situation: Each year, OnPoint Consulting assists the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) with the management of mission-critical IT infrastructure necessary to enable the U.S. warfighter to have constant, uninterrupted communications at a reasonable cost to the taxpayer. Through migrating to the Joint Enterprise Email (JEE) system, the Army and DISA have identified key processes that will ease the transition and OnPoint has provided process improvement support to recognize further measurable cost savings. Currently, it is estimated that the U.S. Army owns 90,000 BlackBerry® client and server licenses, at an estimated cost of $9.2 million, and all of these licenses need to be re-acquired by DISA as part of the new JEE system.

Approach: In order to streamline the transfer of tens of thousands of BlackBerry licenses to DISA from the U.S. Army, OnPoint Consulting worked with DISA’s senior leadership to:

Identify and document a process that would enable Army to consolidate all BlackBerry licenses into a central location that RIM would be able to access for the license transfer

Communicate an implementation plan with leaders so that there wasn’t any interruption in service with Army’s emails.

Developed several metrics to ensure the Service Level Agreement was sustained during implementation

Impact: By streamlining the transfer of the BlackBerry licenses to DISA, OnPoint created more transparency, efficiency, and a major cost avoidance victory for the U.S. Army and the taxpayer. The U.S. Army estimates initial cost avoidances of $9.2 million through transfer of the licenses to DISA and further stated that it projected $100 million in annual savings as a result of the DISA-provided JEE also supported by OnPoint. The BlackBerry license project is one of many JPTF projects supporting DISA’s JES endeavors.


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